Will he therefore always trials overwhelm you as they overwhelmed wrestlers and pioneers like you! … I think the dark days of Pestalozzi and the fire of the Pleiades where Ferriere lost all its library and documentation “. … “Mitigate your trouble ensuring all our loving sympathy.” We can not reproduce the hundreds of anxious and affectionate letters.

This is ALZIARY summarizing all, who, in all meetings always said so eloquently from the heart final words: “Those of the” old guard “are always next to you, and you can not doubt the moral support they offer spontaneously, fundamentally, dear Elise, dear Freinet. I sense you aghast, slaughtered, disgusted to so much misunderstanding and depravity.

We share these depressing feelings, but we keep intact and unalterable sympathy, affection, exalted communion and cemented in the finished work for over thirty years. Since I know you are experiencing this new avatar I constantly think of you, this work you have promulgated and ennobled and illuminated my life.

Without you, I would not have been all that I was. “The damage need to do my statistics homework online
, dent, property damage or financial difficulties, all this is not fatal, it all goes as survives the spirit of those who bear faith in them and who share with their elected representatives. “Even closer to you if possible.” IS OUR WORK THAT IS THREATENED, say all the comrades; THE MUST DEFEND AND we will defend. “This attack affects us all … I wish you many letters arrive and bring you the certainty of the immense chain of friendship that you have forged all around you” “Do not hesitate, wrote Dufour in call us at work; gives us immediate needs, the actions to perform.

We are ready for that behind you revive the C.E.L. “We embrace you, but clenching his fists to take the action with you.” “We also believe in Pons and Bertrand for their first years of cooperative have responsibility and have a lot of hassle.” THE CHAIN ??IS MADE spontaneously even before the publication of our information, comrades wrote us by sending donations 2 000 A20 000 old francs. According to our information later using has focused more on the forms that we advise: payment of cooperative actions and subscriptions to publications including the B.T .. We give a number in this first list of subscriptions received.

This influx of memberships we particularly comforting: it has the advantage for us to bring a capital charge that will diminish our always dangerous floating debt (associated credit fund). And it also incorporates our movement new elements that take their responsibilities in the management and success of the C.E.L. as we took ours in more difficult times. Our campaign B.T. subscriptions also benefits from the new interest we carry so many comrades.

The chain also beyond the compact and large group of our memberships: groups mobilize to reach an ever wider audience; they contact the union sections, the O.C.C.E. sections, secular organizations, students’ parents; motions are voted. The booksellers themselves take additional subscriptions or put at our disposal B.E.N.P. and Enfantines they have in stock.

Retired comrades offer to give up part of their archives for youth literature; inspectors and directors of Ecole Normale start at our disposal to help us also in the manner that we will tell them; normaliens send us their collective subscription. Old activists recall our memories and we also say their unwavering friendship.

But the most moving gesture is probably that of a young mobilized fellow who sends us the amount of his pay biweekly, or 6.28 NF: “I would do so much more, he says, but it m ‘ is absolutely impossible given my current financial situation … do I have a lot of spare time here and I am at your disposal to do the work that you can trust me. ” FIRE THAT IF WE DANGEROUSLY KEYS ENCOURAGED TO COMRADES REFLECT ON WHAT THEY BROUGHT OUR MOVEMENT AND WHAT HE BRINGS TO EDUCATION AND THE SECULARITY. “To you who have shown me the right way (at a meeting in Arras there many years ago), you who have given me the taste of the business, with a constant concern for research and renewal I say: Good luck! We will rebuild! “. “It’s indignation that wins all of us here at the thought that beyond the C.E.L. we seek to threaten freedom of expression and freedom itself.

But we do not have to be afraid: our cohesion and quiet will prove that we are ready for the challenge. ” “I am a young cooperator but I know everything I need to C.E.L. “. “… the expression of my deep admiration and my full gratitude.” “In the twentieth century is destroyed, we burn … it is a return to the Middle Ages. “What the authors want to or not, they attest their criminal stupidity that the Modern School has real influence. That they should understand is that even if they managed to destroy the material support, the School Modern mind that you have given birth can go in developing.

It does not come back. ” And it’s our comrade Fournier, formerly School Director Berrouaghia today Normal School Director in Porto Novo that summarizes the feeling of solidarity and gratitude: “The flame, nor the knife, can only little against the spirit. “You can delete all the ideas you have set in motion around the world. Buildings, brochures stocks can burn, accounting for C.E.L. can be destroyed, the cooperative spirit remains. “I repeat today what I wrote you again: thanks to you, thanks to the whole team C.E.L., I am 46 years old still young, still full of enthusiasm.

Colleagues discover with me that the smart work is an inexhaustible wealth. ” TRUST AND HOPE “After all, writes Ms. Audureau, is it not a triumph, by a curious coincidence, and in a cruel moment it arises” Guardian of Joy “, which carries with it extraordinary that echoes it has not finished awaken in time, space and civilizations. ” “… we can burn C.E.L., it will not burn Modern School.” “… this will not prevent our valiant Modern School to make a beautiful Congress in Caen and vitality will no longer be as strong.” This is our friend Dottrens that we take our encouraging conclusion: “I have no fear for the future.

The C.E.L. resume its efforts and its development. It is unthinkable that your ideas and technical cease to animate the work of all those who are open to the needs and possibilities of that time working for a fundamental renewal of education. ” PROVISIONAL BALANCE SHEET: Where are we in a month after the fire? All survey formalities are completed, as with justice than with insurance. We know absolutely nothing of the judicial inquiry, but we wish it rigorously continue to arrive.

The settlement with insurance intervene during February. It will help us to meet the most urgent issues. We will clear the twenty tons of burned and damaged paper and start the repair of the premises.

The B.E.N.P. and Enfantines are lost. It will do us a few prototypes. We will try to speed up editing b, e, M. which will replace the B.E.N.P., and we will consider the possibility of promoting it deserves the childlike expression of literature we found fertility.

We B.T. 100 and 100 S.B.T. to repeat. This is a considerable undertaking. With your help we will reconstruct all, in a short time threatened collections. The C.E.L. keep on going. C. FREINET.

WISHES AND OTHER MESSAGES “The Girondins group Modern School, meeting in Artigues near Bordeaux January 11, 1962 – wither the attack which C.E.L. was the object; – launching a solidarity campaign for the defense of the Modern School; – ensures Elise C. Freinet all their affection Group Chairman: JR Brunet I.P The Departmental Delegate: Hourtic.